One of my favorite quotes is from Pablo Picasso - “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”. I grapple with this notion everyday as I struggle to balance adult responsibilities, such as working and taking care of my family, while still attempting to pepper in moments of artistic inspiration. Some days I get to spend hours at my easel, others barely at all. But even if I sit down for 15 minutes and make a silly doodle, I am delighted!

My initial training as an artist was focused on anatomy and classical painting techniques. From there, my interests shifted into fantasy illustration, comics and cartoon character design. These days my focus shifts almost daily and can range from impressionist landscapes, to portraits, to fairies… any subject really! I have had the fortune of having my work exhibited and published internationally, from books and magazines to galleries and even some appearances at San Diego Comic Con. 

In addition to making art for myself, I have also had the rewarding pleasure of being an art educator for the past two decades, teaching classes to kids and adults in Los Angeles, Seattle, and now in Santa Fe. I like to believe that giving people a chance to have their own personal experiences with art will help them answer Picasso’s question and remain an artist as they grow – or even rediscover the artist they forgot was there!

When I’m not making art or teaching art, I’m often taking selfies with my cats or spending time with my son and husband. Oh, and coffee… I love spending time with coffee.


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